Episode Update and Preview

Hello friends,

I’m writing today, hopefully finishing writing today, for episode 4, and that should mean I’ll have it recorded and released on time this weekend. This episode is going to wrap up the Schiltberger series, so we’ll say our sad goodbyes to our Bavarian friend and be moving on.

And where will we be going? Back to Anatolia of course, this time in the company of an English traveller. The year was 1599, and he had a gift to deliver to Sultan Mehmed III. There’ll be less bloodshed but just as much fun.

But we’re not done with Schiltberger just yet. This episode, we’ll hear about his post-Timur adventures, the continuing misfortune of those he followed, his take on the infidel religions, and a piece of oddball spy-work in Alexandria.

Until Friday,


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